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Historically, parties in a dispute file an action in court for a judge or jury to decide who wins and who loses.  The judicial process is expensive, time consuming, and can take months or even years to get your case heard.  Mediation and arbitration are increasingly popular avenues to solve many legal disputes with far less expense and more quickly than going through the court system. 

Settlements reached via mediation or arbitration are legally binding and many people find it less stressful. Does it work? Studies show over 90 percent of cases handled with mediation are resolved. The process is so effective, many times judges will require parties to try mediation before they will place the case on a trial calendar. 





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  • Upon receipt of your request, our office will contact you to confirm the date and get any additional information needed to schedule the session.
  • It is important to include the names of both parties; we need to ensure there is not a conflict of interest between our team and any of the parties in the dispute.
  • Mediation and arbitration are available in person or via video conference call.
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