Mediation is a dispute resolution process in which parties in a dispute use an impartial person, called a neutral or mediator, to assist them in resolving their differences. The mediator helps the parties to negotiate with each other by facilitating communications, negotiations, and problem solving to reach an agreement satisfactory to both parties. Compared to resolving a dispute through the judicial process, mediation is less formal, faster, and more affordable.

Mediation provides the parties the opportunity to reach a resolution between them and not leave it up to a judge or jury to decide the outcome of the dispute. Mediation is a voluntary process and there is no requirement the parties reach an agreement. The parties can initiate mediation or the court can order that a case be mediated. When the court orders mediation, there is no requirement that the parties reach an agreement. If the parties fail to reach an agreement at mediation, the parties can continue to seek resolution through the court processes.


Arbitration is similar to a trial, where the parties in a dispute agree to present their case to an arbitrator who will decide the issues and make an award. Unlike mediation, where the mediator's job is to help the disputing parties engage in constructive negotiations so they can agree on a solution, the arbitrator’s job is to review the facts and evidence of the dispute, then make an award. An arbitration decision does not require agreement between the parties to a dispute and can be binding or non-binding upon all parties. The advantages of arbitration rather than the formal judicial process is that it is quicker, less formal, and generally less expensive.

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